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Our Chosen Charity

With over 185,000 registered charities in England and Wales, all deserving of support, we thought it might be difficult to choose who to support. For us, it was simple. We have a strong family ethos that we support those who support us. We have therefore chosen a charity close to our hearts. For every property that successfully completes through Surridges, we have pledged to make a donation to the charity below. This does not affect the fee we charge you and is paid directly to the charity from Surridges’ Estate Agents Ltd.

Friends of Eastbourne Hospital (Registered Charity No. 220592)

Founded in 1948 at the time of the birth of the NHS, The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital has contributed hugely to the hospital service by providing much needed funds for new equipment, resources and amenities for patients, staff and visitors. We have depended on Eastbourne DGH ourselves, not only through the birth of our eldest son in 2011, but when Caroline’s Mother sadly passed away there in 2015 and when her Father suffered a stroke in the same year. 

The staff who work there are, almost without exception, extraordinary people. They have offered our family care, compassion, information, support and treatment with a professionalism and efficiency second to none. Whatever your own personal experiences have been at Eastbourne DGH, we should all agree that they need our support to maintain and improve services. The Friends of Eastbourne Hospital rely on donations, fundraisers, trustees, the shops that they run and the hard work of their volunteers to raise funds. We are proud to support them.